Novice Boys Crew Wins Gold at Textile River Regatta 2016!

The Yarmouth Rowing Club’s Novice Boys crew – in their “lucky headbands” collect their gold medals at the Textile River Regatta, Sunday, October 2, 2016. From left to right: Emerson House, Duncan Birkbeck, Aaron Densmore and Eli Anderson. Not shown: Lucia Bolles, coxswain, who was busy coxing a Masters Womens race at the time this photo was taken.

The Yarmouth Rowing Club’s Mens Junior Novice crew earned a gold medal in their first ever head race on Sunday, October 2, 2016 at the Textile River Regatta in Lowell Massachusetts. The regatta, a 5K time-trial “Head Race” down the Merrimack River, is one of the largest rowing events of the fall season, hosting 77 Clubs from around new England with 570 entries of high school, college and masters rowers.

Left to right: Captain Aaron Densmore (bow), Eli Anderson (stroke), Lucia Bolles (cox), Duncan Birkbeck (3-seat) and Emerson House (2-seat) pose with their gold medlas at the Textile River Regatta, Sunday, October 2, 2016.

The Yarmouth Novice Boys crew beat out the second place boat (a Maine Rowing Association crew) by just 2 seconds over a distance of 6000 meters – 3.7 miles! The coxswain of the boat (the individual who steers the boat, executes the race plan, motivates her crew and makes on-the-fly decisions) was Lucia Bolles, of Yarmouth, who had to get creative when her microphone quit part way through the race! She managed to urge her crew on right to the last stroke, passing quite a number of boats and racing for the line. The stroke seat of the boat (the rower who sets the pace and leads the crew) was Eli Anderson, of Yarmouth. Eli is shown in the photo handing out the medals to his boat mates. The “engine room” of the crew consisted of Duncan Birkbeck, of Yarmouth, and Emerson House, of Scarborough. Both of these rowers just started rowing this summer but worked hard to pick up the technique, balance and rhythm to make the boat fast. The bow seat of the boat, considered a key technical position, was Team Captain Aaron Densmore, of Yarmouth. Coach Leigh Mastin said, “I am extremely proud of these boys. They have all worked really hard as a crew and looked great coming down the final stretch! I couldn’t be more pleased!”

The Yarmouth Rowing Club’s Girls Crews, coached by Scott Hornney, have struggled with injuries and illness this season but put in an excellent showing in their race – one of the largest in the regatta – finishing 30th and 37th out of a field of 42 crews.
The Yarmouth A boat was coxed by Captain Maddy LePage of Greely High School. Captain Lexi Rich of Yarmouth rowed stroke seat, Amelia Cavanaugh of Greeley rowed 3 seat, Emilie Hardel of Yarmouth rowed 2 seat with Hannah Van Alstine, also of Yarmouth, in bow.
The Yarmouth B crew was coxed by Henry Southall of Freeport, with Natalie Bourassa of Yarmouth, in stroke seat, followed by Olivia Leonard of Yarmouth in 3 seat, Sophie Wink of Yarmouth in 2 seat, and Sarah Beretich of Baxter Academy in bow.
It was a great day of rowing for the Yarmouth Rowing Club’s Junior Crews, Masters crews, Sculling boats and our fellow rowers from Waynflete Crew with whom we shared the bus, our Regatta Team Headquarters camp site, and a great booster BBQ.

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