3x Olympic Gold Medal Rower Elle Logan Joins Yarmouth Rowing Club Youth Crew in the Coach’s Launch for a Practice.

YRC Girls’ Coach Scott Hornney gives the workout plan to the crews while special VIP guest Elle Logan watches from the launch. Elle’s dog, Bartley, rides along with Mel Cavanaugh in the stern.

The Yarmouth Rowing Club youth crew were treated to a very special guest visit on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 when 3x Olympic champion rower and Boothbay Harbor native, Elle Logan and her dog, Bartley, came out in the coach’s launch for a picture-perfect fall crew practice.

Elle, who rowed 7-seat in the Olympic gold-winning women’s eight in Rio, is the only American female rower to have won a gold in 3 Olympics and she was happy to share her medals from Beijing, London and Rio with the team. They are surprisingly heavy!

Watch the Women’s Eight Rio Olympics final here!

The YRC Girls’s coach, Scott Hornney, met Elle in late August when she started sculling with the Merrymeeting Community Rowing Association in Brunswick where he is a member. They are both currently training for the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston. Elle and Scott will each be racing in a single at the event – the largest 2-day rowing event in the world with over 11,000 entries from around the globe.

Elle Logan, third from left, is a three-time Olympic champion and was Maine’s only athlete in the Rio Olympic Games. Photo courtesy of USRowing.

Elle brought her adorable dog, Bartley, along for the ride and he enjoyed a thorough exploration of the boatyard during the post-row question and answer session.

Left to right, back: Olivia Leonard, Hannah Van Alstine, Lucia Bolles (holding London medal), Olympic Champion Elle Logan, Eli Anderson, Captain Lexi Rich (holding Rio medal), Emerson House, Emilie Hardel (holding Beijing medal), Sophie Wink, Sarah Beretich, Natalie Bourassa, Mel Cavanaugh. Bottom row: Robbie Southall, Captain Clare Walsh, Captain Aaron Densmore, Duncan Birkbeck. Not shown: Captain Maddy LaPage, Henry Southall)

The team had plenty of good questions for Elle and she was very generous with her time and considerate with her responses. She shared personal stories from Rio, including the surreal experience of being in the athlete’s village with the famous – and very tiny – Final 5 gymnasts and the very tall American basketball players, to being on the starting line of an Olympic race only to have the race cancelled/postponed due to conditions and trying to manage the adrenaline racing through her system.

When asked what goes through her head at the start of an Olympic race, she shared the importance of really listening to the coxswain (and trying to remember to breath!), staying in the moment and not getting distracted by what might happen, and focusing on the little things like getting the hands away quickly, body angles and dropping the oar in at the catch. She also emphasized how critical it is to focus on what one’s own boat is doing rather than getting caught up in what the other crews were doing. Great advice!

Elle also shared the critical connection between eating nutritious, whole food – particularly a wide variety of vegetables and grains – and the ability to recover quickly, rebuild muscle and have sufficient energy for three hard practices a day. The big take away? Eat beets! Who knew?

I think it’s safe to say that the members of the Fall 2016 Yarmouth Rowing Club Youth Crew are unlikely to forget this crew practice any time soon. And Elle will have a very enthusiastic YRC youth crew cheering her on at the Head of the Charles. Thanks Elle and Scott!

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