Youth Crew to Compete in the 2017 Ergatta at Berwick Academy March 28!

Girls  exercising in the gym on rowing machinesThe Yarmouth Rowing Club Youth Crew will be competing in the 2017 Ergatta at Berwick Academy on Tuesday, March 28.

This exciting indoor youth rowing competition will have 5 clubs/schools competing for medals in a 2000 meter race for rowers and a 1000 meter race for the coxswains. Competitors this year include Yarmouth Rowing Club, Waynflete Crew, Merrymeeting Community Rowing Association (Brunswick), Berwick Academy (our hosts) and Megunticook Crew from Camden.

The races will be divided into two divisions – novice and veteran  – with each team fielding up to 4 racers per flight, based on 2k scores to date, until everyone has raced.

Each competitor is allowed a “coxswain” to coach them through the distance with feedback, encouragement and motivation to help them perform at their best. The top 3 finishers by time in each category will receive medals.
The Yarmouth Veterans have been working hard on their fitness and endurance at
bi-weekly sessions at Fitness Success with owner and fellow rower Theresa Saxton, and on rowing technique on the YRC ergs at StrongBodies studio in Yarmouth. The novices have been dedicated to mastering the rowing stroke at StrongBodies while building up their speed and are looking forward to their first competition!
The Ergatta is a loud, super high-octane event that caps off a long dryland season on the rowing machines. Good clean fun!

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