Yarmouth Youth Crew Brings Home Gold and Bronze at Ergatta 2017!

The Yarmouth Youth Crew had a very strong showing at the 2017 Ergatta at Berwick Academy on Tuesday, March 28, where they competed against the always-competitive Waynflete School, the host team, Berwick Academy, and new comers, Merrymeeting Crew.

Top honors go to Keely McConville, (shown above left) took a gold in the Novice Girls 2k Race. (a second gold was awarded to Waynflete novice, Elizabeth Thomas, after a recording glitch
was caught.) 7-season veteran coxswain and Captain Maddy Lepage, (shown coxing Emerson House, above right) won bronze in the Coxswain 1K race! Well done ladies!

Weeks of hard work and dedicated training resulted in plenty of PRs (personal records) for both the veteran rowers and the novices and the effort clearly shows in the faces of the competitors in the post-race team photo (below).

Two former Captains, Cat Maker and Annie Davis (Greeley graduates) were also on hand to cheer on their former teammates. Go Yarmouth Crew Spirit!

Click here for Complete 2017 results.

Rowing a 2000 meter race takes the same physiological toll as playing two basketball games back-to-back. And it exacts that toll in about 8 to 10 minutes.


From top left: Robbie Southall, Cap’t Natalie Bourassa, Sarah Beretich. Parker Swanson, Blythe Guecia, Emilie Hardel, Sadie Southall, Keely McConville, Brie Hathcock, Cat Maker, Cap’t Maddy Lapage, Cap’t Eli Anderson, Phil Bock, Emerson House. Sophie Wink, Flan Sheahan, Lucy Shamel, Aaron Densmore, Olivia Leonard, Isabel Bates, Hannah Van Alstine, Annie Davis. Front Row: Dylan Hackett, Will Lenardson, Simon Whitacker, Riley Anderson, Max Emrich-Shanks. Not shown: Gus Edwards, Keiran Lorentzen.

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