Spring 2017 YRC All-Crew Relay Sees the Closest Finish Ever!

The Spring 2017 Yarmouth Rowing Club All-Crew Relays were held Friday, March 31 at the StrongBodies Studio on Bridge Street in Yarmouth, Maine and it was one of the closest finishes we’ve seen at any youth crew relay event!

2017-03-31 16.00.16
Team coxswain Lucy Shamel stands on the erg to keep it from slipping as Captain Eli Anderson (pink shirt) and novice Dylan Hackett (blue shirt) show good form in their early 500s. Teammate Aaron Densmore (white shirt) keeps an eye on the monitor. Hannah Van Alstine (in purple), from Team Riley, looks over Olivia Leonard’s shoulder (in gray) to check on her competition’s progress.

Team Bonding
The All-Team Relay, typically held a few days after the Ergatta, is an opportunity for the novices and veterans, girls’ crew and boys’ crew, to get to know each other a bit better through some serious team competition!

The 12,000 Meter Relay – How it Works
Each of the three teams has a carefully balanced mix of boys and girls, novices and veterans, faster and slower racers. Everyone (except the coxswains) has to row four 500-meter pieces, alternating with their fellow teammates for a team total of 12,000 meters. First team to finish is the winner.

Upping the Challenge
To make it more challenging, we gave each team 2 ergs, thus reducing the recovery time between pieces. The coxswains, as team leads, help the rowers adjust foot stretchers, keep the handle moving as rowers swop in to gain every possible inch, call out racing starts and encourage the racers to maintain their form and hit their splits as energy wanes.


2017-03-31 16.04.55
Team coxswain Phil Bock encourages veteran Robbie Southall (right) and novice Brie Hathcock (left) as teammates Parker Swanson, Will Lenardson and Max Emrich-Shanks look on. Veteran Girls’ Coach Scott Hornney and Veteran Boys’ Coach Leigh Mastin keep an eye on things. 

It’s All About the Strategy
After a good warm-up, each team is given a 5-minute strategy session to meet and greet, assess strengths and weaknesses and plan their winning approach. The key to an erg relay is to get a strong start, keep the momentum going in the middle, execute transitions smoothly and have your best people rowing the last 500 for the win.


2017-03-31 16.04.51
Team coxswain Riley Anderson keeps an eye on the monitors for Captain Natalie Bourassa (left) and novice Flan Sheahan (right) as Hannah Van Alstine (in purple) and Emilie Hardel (in black) catch their breath. Simon Whitacker (in green) and Emerson House (in white) watch their team’s progress from the back row.
2017-03-31 16.01.56
Cox Riley Anderson helps Emilie Hardel (in black) strap in as fellow Team Riley rower Hannah Van Alstine (in purple) get started on her piece. On Team Phil, veteran Sarah Beretich (in red) and novice Will Lenardson (in black) enjoy their turn on the erg under Cox Phil’s motivational guidance while Robbie Southall, Brie Hathcock and Max Emrich-Shanks recover as they await their next piece.

The Anchors
Team Lucy anchored their team with Cap’t Eli Anderson and Dylan Hackett. Team Phil chose Parker Swanson and Max Emrich-Shanks to bring it home. The anchors for Team Riley were Simon Whitacker and Emerson House (see top photo).

The Last 500
Parker was the first to finish his last 500 and it looked like Team Phil had the win but Dylan and Eli put in a remarkable sprint at the end to clinch the trophy as the teams screamed encouragement to their final rowers. Team Riley, finished in 3rd place less than 5 seconds later…a thrilling finish! Well done Yarmouth Youth Crew!

RelayWinnersEach member of the winning team received a Commemorative Erg Handle trophy to cherish forever. The Winning Team shown here (top left to lower right) Captain Eli Anderson, Dylan Hackett, Olivia Leonard, Sophie Southall, Keely McConville, Aaron Densmore, and cox Lucy Shamel pose with their 2017 Relay Erg Handle Trophies. Well Done Team Lucy!



Click here to check out the action in this 9-second video




The Players:

Team Phil
Phil Bock (cox)
Sarah Beretich
Robbie Southall
Brie Hathcock
Parker Swanson
Will Lenardson
Max Emrich-Shanks

Team Riley
Riley Anderson (cox)
Hannah Van Alstine
Flan Sheahan
Cap’t Natalie Bourassa
Simon Whitacker
Emerson House
Emilie Hardel

Team Lucy
Lucy Shamel (cox)
Olivia Leonard
Sadie Southall
Keely McConville
Cap’t Eli Anderson
Dylan Hackett
Aaron Densmore

Missing out on the fun: Cap’t Maddy LePage, Gus Edwards, Isabel Bates

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