Fun With Team Boat Slides!

The YRC crews were introduced to “slides” on Monday, April 10 with the help of YRC Boatman and master rower, Bob Checkoway. slides

The slides suspend the ergs on sliding rails and enable two or more rowers to work together.  The rowers must work in sync to maintain a smooth stroke, apply power and not “crash” into the front stops. The “floating” sensation is a little disconcerting – thus the big smiles – as it mimicks how the boat behaves on the water.

The indoor rower on a slide moves back and forth under you, more like rowing on the water. You get a quicker catch and can row at a higher stroke rate, because you aren’t moving your body mass—you are only moving the mass of the indoor rower.

It can be very challenging to get the rhythm and forces the rowers to work together as a crew. If one of the rowers “rushes the slide” and arrives at the catch before the other, it can really throw off the partner’s stroke – just like in a rowing shell. Each pair of rowers had the chance to be the “stroke” of the boat, setting the pace and rhythm, and then as a “bow”, following the stroke’s lead.

Thanks again Bob for a great training day on the slides! Enjoy the slideshow below of the novices first efforts on the slides.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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