On Rowing Team, Smallest Body Has the Voice of Authority


August 2, 2012

Mary Whipple is the coxswain for the U.S. women’s eight, the defending Olympic champions. Under her direction, the boat has not lost since 2006. 

LONDON — Standing among the crew of her eight-oared boat, one member of the United States women’s rowing team is a sapling among redwoods.

At 5 feet 3 inches, she is about 11 inches shorter than her teammates’ median height. At 106 pounds soaking wet, she is nearly 70 pounds lighter than her teammates’ average weight.

During workouts, she cannot keep up with their strength or stamina. During races, when rowers exhaust every muscle and struggle to breathe as their lungs cry out for oxygen, she is not called upon to lift a finger.

That teammate, Mary Whipple, sits at the stern and, as the only person that faces forward in the shell, appears to be along for the ride as her team ferries her to the finish line. More…

The New York Times

Learn more about Mary Whipple’s Rowing Camp here. http://www.9thseat.com/

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