Novice Boys Crew Takes Bronze at the 2017 Moose on the Malden Regatta!

Bronze medal-winning YRC Novice Boy’s Crew. From left to right: Simon Whitacker (bow seat), Will Lenardson (2 seat), Gus Edwards (3 seat), Dylan Hackett (stroke) and Coxswain Riley Anderson.

The Yarmouth Rowing Club’s novice boys crew with stroke Dylan Hackett, Gus Edwards, Will Lenardson and Simon Whitacker, coxed by Riley Anderson, took the bronze medal in the 2017 Moose on the Malden Regatta in Malden, Massachusetts on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

The Moose on the Malden race is a drag-race style rowing event in which two crews race side-by-side down a narrow buoyed lane for just under 1500 meters. The top two finishers by time then compete in the Final for gold and silver. The third and fourth fastest crews race in the Petite Final for the bronze medal.

The novice boys had a bit of a rough first heat with a number of “crabs” taking a toll on their finishing time. “Catching a Grab” is a slight break in technique that causes the oar to get caught in the water. Crabs are experienced by all rowers – from novice to master – and they can vary from a slight break in form to ejecting a rower from the boat. Even a minor crab can significantly slow a boat down.

Despite the technical issues, the boys finished well enough to make the petite finals. They were, in fact, tied with the Somerville – Everett High Tide Crew with a time of 5:33.01!

A tired – but thrilled – YRC novice boys crew returns to the dock after their victorious Petite Final race at Malden.

During a brief pre-race boat meeting with Coach Becky Bell, the crew decided to make some minor adjustments to their race strategy – a lower stroke rating with more length and power through the drive to maintain speed over the short course with a powerful sprint at the end. The strategy proved to be a winning formula. Their finishing time was 5:16.60 – shaving 14 seconds off their previous time – and happily not a single crab was caught during the entire race! Well done!

2017-05-21 12.32.16 copy
Team bonding between races at the Yarmouth Rowing Club Team tent.

The Moose on the Malden Regatta is always a fun event for our youth crews despite the fact that it falls the day after the Yarmouth High School Prom! This year we even had to borrow a few rowers from Waynflete to get everyone racing. Go Maine rowing!


The day’s racing began with the double crew of Max Emrich-Shanks and a last-minute Waynflete rower as Parker Swanson was out sick and unable to race. With literally no practice time together before their race other than their row up to the start, they did their best under challenging circumstances and were glad to have the chance to be racing at all!

The G1 crew with Sarah Beretich, Hannah Van Alstine, Emilie Hardel, and Sophie Wink, coxed by Captain Maddy Lepage, made the petite final in the four but came up short for the medal. The G1 crew had also raced earlier in the day in the eight with the G2 crew of Captain Natalie Bourassa, Robbie Southall, Olivia Leonard, and Isabel Bates, (the G2 is coxed Blythe Guecia) in a borrowed boat from Malden. I suspect the combination of the double races and the prom may have impacted their power and stamina but the veteran girls gave it their best effort – as always.

The Novice Girls crew of Keely McConville, Flan Sheahan, Sadie Southall and guest rower Dana Hirschorn from Waynflete, coxed by Lucy Shamel, had their fastest – and smoothest – race to date against a very competitive field finishing in a time of 6:20.0.

Our youngest B1 boat ever, with Captain Eli Anderson, Keiran Lorentzen, Emerson House and Aaron Densmore, coxed by Phil Bock, finished with a very respectable time of 5:23.27 in a tough field of much larger and more experienced crews.

An impromptu dance mob – led by the Yarmouth, Waynflete and Merrymeeting crews and coaches CC Stockly from Waynflete and Anna Jordan from Merrymeeting – broke out as we were waiting for the awards ceremony to get started, capping off a very long – but very fun – day in Malden. Nice moves everyone!!

The short version…

The full length version…



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