Learn to Row Clinics

January 2021 – We do not have any planned at this time. Please check back later.

The Yarmouth Rowing Club sometimes offers Adult Learn to Row (LTR) Clinics at the Even Keel Boatyard in Yarmouth. The clinics are limited to 12 participants, who must have some degree of physical fitness in order to safely handle the equipment. Participants must be able to swim and will sign a waiver to that effect.


A Taste of the River ($100)
No rowing experience required
Sat & Sun TBD
9:30 am – 12:30 pm both days
This is an introduction to the rowing stroke and rowing equipment, starting on ergometers or “ergs” (rowing machines) and progressing to rowing on the water. You must attend both days.

Beginners Guide
Download our handy beginner’s guide. It includes details on what to wear and what to expect each day at the Taste of the River clinic: learn-to-row-what-to-expect.
Includes informative how-to-row video links!

Taming the River ($150)
Prerequisite: A Taste of the River or an equivalent LTR class taken elsewhere
Dates TBD
Mon 4-6 pm, Tues through Fri 5-7 pm

For those whose interest is piqued, you get five additional coached rows (10 hours) designed to get you to the point where you can join the club and comfortably row in a club boat. These follow-up evening sessions will offer in-depth coaching, advanced rowing techniques and balance drills. Attendees will also learn how to safely navigate the river, appropriate docking techniques, instruction on washing and putting the boats away, and other handy bits of information. 

Special Bonus: Complete both clinics (16 hours, $250) and we’ll apply $50 toward your summer membership fee of $175.

Get Back to the River Refresher Course ($75)
Previous rowing experience required
Sat & Sun, TBD
2-4 pm both days. You must attend both days.
This will serve as a refresher course for prior club members or those who have rowed elsewhere and would like to take up the sport again. $25 of the fee will be applied toward your summer membership fee of $175 if you decide to join the club.

A Beginner’s Guide
If you are completely new to rowing, this healthy rowing beginners guide is a great place to start. Enjoy!