Youth Crew

2018 Fall Crew Info Meeting will be held at the YHS Fall Sports Night: Mon, August 13, 6 pm. Please meet in the auditorium (YPAC – Yarmouth Performing Arts Center) first, then come find us in room 501.

For both Veterans and new rowers (with experience) All interested rowers, coxswains and parents should attend this important meeting. We have a lot of NEW info to share so make sure you attend!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about FALL crew.

Please Read: Fall Crew – What to Expect.Fall18

The YRC Youth Crew program offers competitive rowing to area high-school age students grades 9-12. The youth crew practices after school 4-5 days a week, tides permitting, with a coach, coxswain, and a safety launch. Regattas are on weekends.

The youth rowing program is part of a non-profit community rowing club and is affiliated with the Yarmouth High School as a school club.

Students from Yarmouth as well as surrounding areas including Freeport, North Yarmouth, Falmouth, Cumberland and elsewhere are welcome to participate.

The Yarmouth Rowing Club is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for the youth athlete’s physical, emotional and social development and to ensure that it promotes an environment free of misconduct. View our SafeSport Policy and Participant Safety Manual here.

Being on crew is a very special experience. You’ll quickly learn to trust – and be trusted by – your boat mates, coxswains and coaches. You’ll be expected to bring a positive attitude and give your best effort everyday. We work hard but we all work together to make the team a success – and that makes all the difference. You’ll grow as an athlete and a person, and soon form a unique bond with your fellow rowers.

Check out these fun videos for a sneak peek of what a season on crew looks like.

Video Credit: Fall Crew 2015, by Clare Walsh.

Video Credit: Spring Crew 2016, by Captain Clare Walsh.

You do not need to be an athlete to succeed in crew. You just need to be open to learning something new and being a team player. It is a friendly, coed sport where respect, integrity and team spirit form the basis of a fun, tight-knit and very supportive team.

Our motto is: “We are a Fast, Fun Family!”

Crew is both physically demanding and time-consuming and requires serious dedication, focus and commitment. The importance of stretching, nutrition, hydration and rest are included in the athlete’s training to help them manage their academic, extra-curricular and athletic workloads. Students and parents will be asked to carefully consider other activities such as music lessons, dance classes, after school jobs or theater group commitments when deciding about crew. 

SPRING CREW – Open to Novices and Veterans

2018 Spring Crew Info Meeting: WED, Feb 28, 2018, 5:30-6:30 pm.
The meeting will be at the Yarmouth Public Library, 215 Main Street,
3rd floor conference room.

For both Novices and Veterans

All interested rowers, coxswains and parents should attend this important meeting. You do NOT need to commit to crew at this meeting. Come learn more…

The spring program begins in early March with dryland practice on indoor rowing machines called ergometers or ergs. If the tide and weather work in our favor, we are on the water in early April and compete in 3 regattas in May before we wrap up for the summer. On days when we can’t row due to tide or weather, we maintain our fitness on the ergs, with circuits or with fun, team-building Captains’ practices.

Novice Crew – What to Expect Sp18 (click to download the PDF)
Novice rowers learn the basics of the rowing stroke in the spring on indoor rowing machines called ergometers or “ergs”. Technical videos, drills and circuit training are introduced to refine concepts and build skills. We slowly add power to technique to develop speed, stamina, endurance and fitness in preparation for the racing season.

Coxswains, pronounced cox’n, are the small, smart and loud people who steer the boats, execute the warm up and workouts, and direct the crews. Novice coxswains are introduced to the terms and commands they’ll need to safely and confidently lead their crews once we get on the water. We have everyone, rowers and coxswains alike, practice “coxing” in order to master the language of crew, develop safe boat handling and boatyard protocols and understand best practices on the water.

One of the highlights of spring novice crew is the trip to the rowing tanks in late March. The indoor tanks offer a safe, warm and dry environment in which to transition from the ergs to using a sliding seat and oar in a large water tank as we get ever closer to rowing in boats. It’s a fun but surprisingly challenging day! The trip to the tanks is included in the novice participation fee. See the video page for some live action!

2016-04-18 10.37.33SPRING BREAK ROWING
If tide and weather permit during spring break week, we will set up a few group rows with the Waynflete crew in Portland and row in eights. (Yarmouth rows in fours) Spring break rowing is optional but strongly recommended as it provides a great opportunity to get more on-the-water practice and experience rowing in an eight. There is no cost to participate in spring break rowing.

Veteran Crew – What to Expect Sp18 (click to download the PDF)
Experienced rowers, called veterans, start their training a little bit earlier in the spring than the novices and split their time between erg practice and personal training sessions at Fitness Success with owner and fellow rower, Theresa Saxton, shown below.

Theresa Saxton races in the double and again in her single at the 2016 Maine State Championship Cow Island Classic.

Theresa whips the veterans into shape for the racing season and helps them develop self-discipline, personal motivation, leadership skills and team spirit. This 4-week session of personal training is included in the veteran participation fee.

Girls exercising in the gym on rowing machinesTHE ERGATTA
The dryland portion of our spring season wraps up with an indoor rowing competition called an Ergatta. Hosting duties for this fun event are shared among the five youth rowing clubs in Maine. In spring 2016, Yarmouth played host to competitors from Merrymeeting Community Rowing Association from Brunswick, Waynflete Crew from Portland, Berwick Academy Crew and Megunticook Rowing from Camden. Ergatta 2017 was hosted by Berwick Academy. Ergatta 2018 will be at Berwick Academy again in 2018.
The rowing community in Maine is small and competitive but also very supportive and friendly. The Ergatta is always a super high-energy rowing event!

Saturday, May 15, Lowell Invitational, Massachusetts
Sunday, May 20, Moose on the Malden, Masachusetts
Monday, June 3, Maine Youth Rowing Association (MYRA), at Merrymeeting Community Rowing Association, in Brunswick, Maine (NEW!)

Spring racing season includes three 1500-meter, buoyed-lane “sprint” races. We travel to two very different venues in Massachusetts: Lowell and Malden, and finish the season at the Maine Youth Rowing Association (MYRA) Regatta in Brunswick, Maine (NEW!).

A “Fun Row” wraps up our water practices with crazy mixed-up boats, squeal-inducing balance challenges, lots of laughter and swimming. Decommissioning the fleet (cleaning the boats and putting them away for the season) and a fun, light-hearted, sugar-loaded sports banquet ends the spring season.

How to Join
Please contact the Program Director to add yourself to the mailing list for spring or fall youth crew.
We hold a Crew Info Session in late-February for Spring Crew and in mid-August for Fall Crew. The Crew Info Sessions allow families to learn more about the sport, the fee options, the commitment level and general expectations before joining.

FALL CREW – Open to *Veterans Only 

Fall Crew Calendar 2018 –

FallCrew18 Sign-upForms (click to download the PDF)

The fall season is open to experienced rowers only, no novices. We begin with a week of pre-season rowing in late August. September is when we put in the miles of training to build our endurance and speed. The two fall regattas are both in October and are “head races” with distances up to 3 miles per race. We typically have a smaller crew in the fall as many athletes opt for other sports or have competing Playmaker commitments.

There will be a 3rd event this fall…The Maine Small Craft Celebration, to be held at Waynflete, Saturday, September 22. We’ll share details at the Info Meeting!

After our fall “Fun Row”, the decommisioning of the fleet and the sports banquet, the youth crew heads down to Cambridge to cheer on their coaches and other Club Masters racing in the Head of the Charles Regatta.

*We will consider new rowers in the fall who have completed at least 12 hours or more of on-the-water sweep rowing with another club, school, camp or clinic.

How to Join
Please contact the Program Director to add yourself to the mailing list for spring or fall youth crew.
We hold a Crew Info Session in mid-February for Spring Crew and in mid-August for Fall Crew. The Crew Info Sessions allow families to learn more about the sport, the fee options, the commitment level and general expectations before joining.

Booster Support
All rowing parents are considered “Rowing Boosters” and are expected to help support the crew. From planning, organizing, shopping, sorting, cooking, baking, grill duty, set up, clean up, carpooling, banquet planning and fund-raiser help, there is a job for everyone!

We can’t do this without the full support of our beloved boosters!